Flavors of Florida bring a crowd to try locally sourced food

Flavors of Florida.JPG

The University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agriculture Sciences paired up with local chefs around the county to highlight local foods grown throughout Florida.

The event had a variety of foods from local seafood, to berries, to meat -- and even whiskey.

The University closely works with growers in Florida to make food more sustainable, and finds ways to grow food in Florida’s climate-- that wouldn't normally be grown here, like blueberries.

It also showed the importance of buying locally sourced food, and seeing just how much Florida agriculture has to offer.

"And when we look at Florida and we say local we aren’t just always talking about Gainesville, we are talking about Cedar Key clams, Mayport shrimp, Gulf of Mexico seafood,” says Bert Gill, owner of Blue Gill restaurant. “We are talking about tomatoes from south, and rice from the Everglades region, so Florida as a whole produces a tremendous variety of quality products and I don’t think people often know when they are in a grocery store how much comes from Florida."

Some of the university's efforts focus on developing new ways to cultivate food, and further discovering what other foods can be grown in the state of Florida.

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