Florida 4-H Life Ready program prepares kids for life after graduation


Florida 4-H is preparing high school students for life after graduation.

Hawthorn and Newberry High Schools have been chosen for a “Life Ready” pilot program.

“A skill I’m looking to learn just from this experience is not to follow what everyone else does,” said Josh Forret, a Newberry High School senior. “Most other people will try and lead you down the wrong way. You just want to follow the best path for your success.”

Students learn to balance checkbooks, make resumes, and even conserve energy at home.

So far, 76 students have been attending sessions during their lunch time. On Monday students had their final three hour activity called Living On My Own.

“In our heads it’s like, ‘oh it’s not that easy,’” said Faith Delp, a Newberry High School junior. “And now you have car insurance and what not and there’s so much more to it.”

This puts students through an interactive simulator as a 25-year-old avatar making finalcial and professional decisions.

“We try to keep it balanced and tell the students if you’re going into the workforce, here is how you can budget and here are some of the bills you can expect,” said Lauren Corley, Life Ready’s program assistant. “And if you’re going to college we provide the students with tuition costs and how much it costs to live in a dorm and think about living in a dorm versus living in an apartment. So we try to cater to the students who are going to college as well.”

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