Florida bill would require HPV vaccine for public school students

HPV vaccine.jpg

A bill proposed in both the Florida house and senate would add HPV to the list of required vaccinations for students in public schools.

While some are for the vaccine, others see the bill as government interference in what they believe should be a parent’s choice.

" These are our kids we should be able to make the final decision on whether they get a vaccine or not or whether they get their ears pierced or not,” one parent said. “Any kind of decision that's big like that should be ultimately left up to the parents."

The CDC reports HPV infects nearly 14 million people a year and is the most commonly spread sexually transmitted infection.

The CDC recommends boys and girls ages 11 and 12 get vaccinated, but one young mother says receiving the vaccine at age 12 didn’t stop her from contracting the virus.

" It was pretty shocking for me to find out that even though I had completed the vaccine I still got what it was supposed to protect against."

That mother says having her children vaccinated is a choice she should make and not the government.

" I feel like if you start letting the government take care of your kids in that aspect what would the parents have left to decide for,” she said.

Juanita Colorado said making the vaccine a requirement would be beneficial to young children who don’t fully understand the implications of HPV.

" A lot of kids would just be like no I don't want to get that vaccine I don't want to get stuck with something, but they also don't understand the reasoning behind things like that." Colorado said.

If passed the bill would take effect in July of this year, but it still has a long way to go before becoming a law.

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