Florida Highway Patrol aims to reduce number of hit and run crashes


In 2017 there were over 98,000 hit and run crashes in Florida.

Florida Highway Patrol Major Eileen Powell says hit and run crashes make up 25 percent of all reported crashes in Florida.

" In 2017 there were approximately 1,200 serious bodily injuries as a result of hit and run crashes and approximately 177 fatalities," Powell said.

More than half of those deaths were pedestrians and this year FHP wants to see that number go down. The Stay at the Scene campaign aims to educate drives about their responsibilities it they are involved in a crash and also the consequences of leaving the scene.

" If a driver leaves the scene of an accident involving a death that driver could face up to thirty years in prison," Powell said.

Family members like Scott Wade who lost his step-daughter in a hit and run crash hope the Stay at the Scene campaign will help bring justice to the victims of hit and run crashes and also encourage people with any information to come forward.

" Own up to what you've done and take the punishment that is due. Its going to be much better on you than to leave the scene," Wade said.

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