Florida sheriff's office warns dog owners about meatballs with fish hooks hidden inside

A Volusia County deputy found a meatball with small fish hooks at a local dog park. Photo courtesy the Volusia County Sheriff's Office.

The Volusia County Sheriff's Office on Wednesday posted a warning on Facebook about multiple meatballs found at a local dog park with fish hooks hidden inside.

Deputies responded to the dog park on Ocean Shore Boulevard after a woman found five meatballs and saw a dog eating another one.

The sheriff's office says the deputy searched the dog park and found another meatball in the grass. "The meat was still cold and sweating like it had been frozen and was thawing in the sun for awhile. Several were very mushy. The meat appeared to have the consistency and smell of liverwurst.

The deputy cut open and meatball and found several small fishing hooks. Park employees closed the dog park and searched the site for more of the meatballs but didn't find any. A local vet X-rayed the dog that appeared to eat some of the meat but determined the dog did not ingest any hooks.

Deputies say they don't know who placed the meat at the park.

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