Flu season in Alachua County is mild, according to Department of Health


With winter months—comes flu season.

But even with the coughing and sneezing, Alachua County is still mild compared to the rest of the state, according to the Department of Health.

“In overall trends, thankfully Alachua County is mild,” says Department of Health Epidemiologist, Nadia Kovacevich.

The Department of Health says they have distributed approximately 9,500 flu vaccines this year alone, but wanted to break a myth for those who have been hesitant on getting their vaccines.

“One of the myths is that the actual flu vaccine is that they inject the live influenza virus into an individual, that’s not the case, it’s not a live virus—it is components of a flu vax so your immune system can respond to protect you,” says Kovacevich.

According to the Kovacevich, there have been pockets throughout Florida that have had higher cases of the flu, so the best way to prevent them is to get vaccinated and to wash your hands.

“So that’s what’s so important, constantly washing your hands and being aware of where we are putting our hands to prevent the flu," says Kovacevich.

The department of health also says that the flu is year round -- so to not wait until winter to get your vaccine.

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