Foster grandparent program helping children with special needs

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    “They’re happy to see me, they are happy for me to help them and they don’t want me to go home,”

    Grandparents like Ruth Desue are making a difference in the lives of kids every day.

    Its all a part of the foster grandparents program which matches volunteers age 55 and up with children with special needs.

    “Often times the children who are special needs or exceptional needs are behind in school. So, we want to focus on those particular students and help them achieve academic success as far as their education,” program director Satori Days said.

    The program allows foster grandparents to be role models for kids.

    "It could be helping them with their letters, tracing, helping them learn how to tie their shoes, wash their hands and just anything academically in the school,” Days said.

    Its also an opportunity for the grandparents to remain physically and mentally active as well as give back to young children.

    " They are the children's cheerleaders. They congratulate the children on a good job for learning the alphabet or their numbers. That nurturing and comfort is something that these children may not get at home,” Days said.

    For more information on how you can become a part of the foster grandparent program:

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