Gainesville church delivers tons of food to local pantries


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is helping replenish local food pantries emptied during Hurricane Irma.

A tractor trailer came to the church delivering up to 36,000 pounds of food and supplies for hurricane relief efforts.

Church director of public sales Melissa Palmer said she is happy to be a part of an organization that gives back to those in times of need. "We have peaches and pears and green beans, soups, diapers, you name it we have it. It's something that people can use during this time when the shelves are a little empty," Palmer said.

"If you can put a positive spin on any sort of any negative event like this is that the community rallies together," Palmer said.

She said it's really nice that they have all of the food to help replenish pantries of non profit organizations that gave during the hurricane and now they get to restock their shelves.

Some local pantries benefiting from this are mount Pleasant United Church, Ronald Mcdonald House and Peaceful Paths

"One of the nicest things though is how kind people are back to us, these organizations we deliver the food to they have such kindness and graciousness... it feels so good to be involved in this kind of activity," Palmer said.

Members from the church's youth group just delivered the food to the pantries Wednesday night.

This is a true example of when everyone works together, good things happen.

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