Gainesville community helps man after house fire

Neighbors and friends helping remove debris from community activist Kali Blount's home on Friday.

Neighbors, friends and members of the community all joined together to help remove debris and clean up Kali Blount's house after a fire nearly destroyed his home.

Karrie Ford organized the clean up and said it was a way to come together and support someone in need.

" I love seeing the community come together. I feel like this is very Gainesville -- people come out and show support for each other even when it's through hard times and the work is really challenging we still show up," Ford said.

For Blount the community support was uplifting.

" This is really an uplift and it's great to have support like this," Blount said.

He is an active member of the community, serving on multiple advisory boards and city committees. He says giving back to others is part of his duty.

" The more people who are not involved in making a better world the longer it takes," Blount said. "So its everybody's duty to justify the oxygen they're consuming."

Now the community is giving back to him.

" A fire is devastating, so the support will continue from myself and the rest of the community even after we've cleaned up," Ford said.

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