Gainesville couple makes it onto Wheel of Fortune

Gainesville couple makes it onto Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune is filming right now at Disney World to celebrate 35 years on the air!

CBS 4 reporter Kat Boonzaier spent the day with Pat Sajak and Vanna White on the set where a Gainesville couple had a once and a lifetime chance of gaining a fortune.

The show began in 1975 and has since become one of America's most famous and longest running game shows.

Sajak and White have done more than 6,000 shows together, so it's no surprise they're close.

They match their outfits ahead of time but they're a little more casual once the cameras are off.

"I'm not wearing shoes but I'm wearing Donald Duck flip flops,” Sajak said.

White said she’s never worn the same dress twice, but that's a different story when she's away from the lights and cameras.

"People always see me glamorous on TV but in real life I'm not really that way, no makeup just normal," White said.

The show is taping 15 episodes at Epcot center, which is also celebrating its 35th year.

"In this time where the world is a pretty dark place Disney World is one of those places where you really do get away from all that,” Sajak said.

Kiera Simmons and Mark Bernard from Gainesville, are celebrating their own anniversary.

"12 years, 12 wonderful years, he's my best friend,” Simmons said. “Yea we met in high school and we've been together since,” Bernard replied.

These high school sweet hearts have been watching the show since they were kids.

Bernard said after guessing the puzzles correctly on his couch, he thought “why not try it out on set?”

"Your whole life you watch the show and you never think about going on the show until your wife says to apply and you do what your wife says so you have a happy marriage," Bernard said.

The couple said it was nerve racking to be on stage but definitely an unbelievable experience.

The show will air on Valentine’s Day to highlight Disney fairy-tale weddings.

Did they win? Well you'll have to watch in February to find out.

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