Groups give Gainesville family a car


A Gainesville family was gifted a new car Thursday and Family Promise, United Way, and AAMCO are to thank.

After living out of a truck that eventually broke down, Erica Bowman was unable to keep a steady job to help support her family.

She was let go from her job because she wasn't able to get to work on time because of issues with public transportation.

Bowman and her family came to Family Promise in Gainesville and sent a letter in as to why her family was in need of a new car. Today their dreams came true and the Bowman family got the keys to their new car.

“Without the car she would be facing homelessness again, we just housed her maybe a month or two ago so having this car means her and her children have a home," said Shari Jones a Family Promise caseworker.

Erica Bowman said she was 'very grateful' to be here and receive the car.

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