Gainesville farmers market offers fresh locally grown produce to low income families

Fresh produce at farmers market in Alachua County

Tables filled with locally grown fruits and vegetables are lined up in the Alachua County Health department parking lot every Friday from 8 am to 1 pm.

Its all a part of a farmers market where customers can purchase fruits and vegetables using WIC coupons as well as cash and credit cards.

"They can go into the clinic, receive their coupons and then come out and shop. It's a one stop shop."

Candi Morris from the Alachua County Health Department says the farmers market gives low income families access to locally grown farm fresh produce.

" We want our clients to learn how to shop, learn how to cook and learn the different varieties of fresh fruits and vegetables," Morris said.

Xanna Prentice from Florida Organic Growers says all families should have access to fresh locally grown produce regardless of their income.

" To walk up to a grower and say how did you grow this avocado, how did you grow these peppers, how did make your honey, that to me is something that shouldn't be an elitist thing. It shouldn't be something that is outside of anybody's ability to do" Prentice said.

The farmers market also helps local farmers like Gustavo Rebello who brings his fresh produce, homemade jams and organic tea to the farmers market each week.

" As you are shopping local that money will stay within the community," Rebello said.

By shopping at the farmers market Morris says you're not just supporting farmers, but also the economy.

" Not only are they buying fresh fruits and vegetables, but we're also putting money back into our economy."

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