Gainesville local says his website could be a alternative to Facebook

Marc Chinama founder of social media site Napsack

After a Facebook data breach that compromised the personal information of up to 87 million users, many people are questioning if the website is safe to use and furthermore if their information is safe.

Gainesville programmer Marc Chinama says he may have the answer -- he's calling his new social media website Napsack the alternative to Facebook.

“We allow our members to express themselves. We have choices for them," Chinama said. " If they feel like being a journalist they can go into one of menus called articles, they can create a petition, they can start their own business. We have a host of things our members can do besides just posting.”

Chinama says in addition to giving people an open forum, he has also made sure the safety of his users and their information is a top priority.

"We will not sell to any third party third vendors. I also teamed up with McAfee and we now have McAfee securing our site.”

Chinama says users don't have to worry about outsiders gaining access to their personal information.

As for the growth of the website, Napsack is already seeing an increase in users.

" People started joining, but it wasn't really an active site. When Facebook started having their problems I noticed that it went from 200 to over 1,200 users and that was in the matter of a week or two," Chinama said.

Chinama hopes that number will continue to grow.

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