Gainesville man accused of bludgeoning homeless man over $10

    Jared Parker/Alachua County Jail.

    Gainesville police on Monday arrested a man accused of beating and robbing a homeless man over $10.

    Investigators charged 20-year-old Jared Parker with attempted murder with a deadly weapon and armed robbery.

    An arrest report says the victim was found crawling toward NE 39th Avenue Sunday around 5:30 p.m. He was covered in blood with injuries to his head, including skull and facial fractures.

    The victim told police Parker went to his tent around 4 p.m. asking for money and that he told him no. The victim told police Parker came back when he was sleeping and used an object to beat him in and out of consciousness. The report says Parker took his wallet with $10 inside.

    Police say Parker initially denied the allegations but later told police they got into an argument over $10. Police say Parker told them the victim let him have $5 and that the victim rushed him when he asked for the other $5, so he struck the victim with his hand and then a stick.

    Police say Parker told them he was sorry. "I'm not that way when I'm not on drugs," the police report quotes Parker as saying.

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