Gainesville man accused of neglecting elderly father, charged with manslaughter

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A Gainesville man is accused of neglecting his 93-year-old father and causing his death.

The Alachua County Sheriff's Office charged 50-year-old Lawrence Kamp with manslaughter Thursday.

A report released today says Lawrence Kamp was in his yard raking leaves in February when EMTs responded to his house at 7507 SW 75th Street and found 93-year-old Armand Kamp lying in his own urine and feces on a tile floor in his bedroom. The report says one side of his body was flattened and bruised from lying on the floor. One of the EMTs reported "it was the worst case of neglect he has ever seen" according to the report.

Deputies say Kamp told them he was the caregiver for both his father and sister, and that he used his sister's disability checks to pay for his time and their care. "During a conversation with the defendant, the defendant referred to his father's body as 'meat.' The defendant stated, 'I kept such good care of his meat, for the longest time his meat was so far above blue book value, the guy was never on meds, he didn't need to," the report says.

Armand Kamp died on Feb. 4. Doctors told deputies he died of septic shock from being neglected. They say he had pneumonia, was hypothermic and malnourished. Armand Kamp's primary doctor told investigators he last saw him in January and that Kamp was healthy, ambulatory and very 'with it', according to the report.

Lawrence Kamp is being held at the Alachua County Jail on $1 million bond.

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