Gainesville man accused of stabbing estranged wife, making it look like a home invasion

MICHAEL REUSCHEL. Alachua County Jail.

Alachua County Sheriff's investigators have arrested a Gainesville-area man accused of cutting and stabbing his wife in her bed this weekend and then telling deputies someone else did it.

Deputies on Saturday charged 62-year-old Michael Reuschel with attempted murder, false imprisonment, tampering with evidence and fail to render aid to a crime victim. He's being held without bond at the Alachua County Jail.

An arrest report released Monday says Reuschel and his wife have been separated and living in separate homes for the last several months. The pair met at a restaurant Friday night to discuss their separation when the discussion became heated. This is what happened next, according to the report.

The victim took an Uber to their Haile Plantation home and texted Reuschel that she wanted a divorce. She went to a spare bedroom to avoid Reuschel. The report says he came into the room a little while later and continued the argument as she was lying beneath the covers in the bed. That's when, according to the report, Reuschel jumped on the bed, straddled the victim, pinned her and then sliced her right wrist with a knife.

The report says Reuschel held her down while she bled profusely. It says he then stabbed her multiple times in the abdomen. He held her down as she continued to bleed and vomit, it says.

"The victim yells, 'Michael you are going to kill me,' the defendant replies 'yes, that's exactly what I want to do," the report says.

When she attempted to sit up the report says Reuschel stabbed her in the neck. When she tried again, he head-butted her, the report says.

Reuschel then put the knife in her hand and cut himself with it, telling her they're both going to die. The report says he laid next to her for about an hour, threatening to kill her if she tried to move. The report says he told her he'd let her live if she'd go along with the story that "someone" broke into the house. The victim agreed to save her life.

Deputies say Reuschel, re-arranged the room, left the knife with his wife and changed his clothes before calling 911 early Saturday morning. The report say

Reuschel called 911 early Saturday morning. Deputies say he told dispatchers he woke up bleeding next to his wife, heard her screaming and then woke back up. He told deputies they had cameras but weren't working and the circuit breakers had been tripped.

When deputies arrived they found the victim "gravely wounded." Paramedics took both the suspect and the victim to local hospitals where she was rushed into surgery and he was treated and released for superficial wounds.

Deputies say they noticed the alarm system at the house logged the times the alarm was armed and disarmed and which doors were opened and closed. The report says the times on the alarm were not consistent with Reuschel's version of events.

Deputies say the victim also told investigators that Reuschel was the one who repeatedly stabbed her.

The report ends with this sentence: "It should be noted investigators were advised during this investigation the defendant is very wealthy and owns multiple homes in several states."

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