Gainesville man arrested for jumping on the hoods of vehicles


A Gainesville man has been arrested for tampering with vehicles while they were stopped in traffic.

Police say Joshua Gillen, who also goes by "White Jesus", was walking down the middle of south Main Street at 9 p.m. Monday when he began jumping on the hood of vehicles with a large rock in his hands.

They say he was tossing the rock up in the air to himself which caused many cars to drive away from him as he walked toward them.

Officials say, when Gillen was approached by police, he held the rock up over his head as if he was going to throw the rock at the officer. For protection, the officer took cover behind his police car door.

After Gillen was told by police to stop and get on the ground, he threw the rock approximately 20 feet to his right and then proceeded to lower to the ground.

Police took Gillen to the North Regional Medical Center before taking him to jail. Officers say he started using profanity and threatened a nurse, saying he was going to come back to the hospital and put his hands on her. He's charged with aggravated assault on a police officer and a nurse.

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