Gainesville man charged with neglect after baby drinks formula tainted with alcohol

Gainesville Police charged Joshua Rosado with two counts of child neglect.

A Gainesville man is accused of child neglect after police say a baby he was caring for drank from a bottle of formula that was tainted with alcohol.

Gainesville Police charged 27-year-old Joshua Goldofredo Rosado with two counts of child neglect after they he took the baby to the hospital with a blood-alcohol-content of .234. Police say a BAC of .300 and higher could have been fatal, but luckily they expect the baby to make a full recovery.

A report released Wednesday says Rosado took the baby to the hospital after he noticed a rash when the child woke up from a nap. He told officers he had left the baby alone with a 6-year-old girl for "two or three minutes" and that she must have put the alcohol in the baby's bottle.

Rosado, the report says, "stated the bottle of liquor was inside a black bag that was inside a box on the floor between his desk and the wall. Therefore, within the 3 minutes he was gone, (the 6-year-old girl) had to locate the box, remove the bottle of liquor that was inside a bag, remove the bottle from the bag, unscrew the liquor bottle, unscrew the top of the baby bottle, add the liquor to the baby bottle, add the formula to the baby bottle, mix/shake the formula, and then give the bottle to the (baby)." The report also notes that the 6-year-old would have had to have done all that without spilling any of it and putting everything back without Rosado noticing.

The 6-year-old girl told police Rosado often leaves she and the baby home alone together and that she regularly feeds and changes the baby.

Police say Rosado told them several times he made a mistake, and that the mistake was leaving it where the 6-year-old could get it. He denied giving the baby the alcohol.

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