Gainesville man dedicated to "45 days of good deeds"

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'Tis the season of busy malls, and rushed schedulesbut one Gainesville man is on a mission to slow down everyday to help someone else.

“The idea is people would be able to tell me where I should go, what I should do, who I should help, and you guys can have that influence here,” Eric Gilbert said on his Facebook video. “I look forward to what we can do today to start doing good together.”

Gilbert has dedicated himself to what he would like to call, “45 days of good deeds.”

He’s done everything from taking a homeless man out to dinner, to buying someone's Christmas presents.

“A lot of times around the holidays, you want things to be merry and bright, but things get really busy, times get really stressful,” Gilbert said. “ So I just am trying to find ways to help the community or nonprofits by doing little acts of kindness here and there for strangers or for organizations. And just try to make things a little bit better for people."

Wednesday marks day 27 on Gilbert’s journey, and he decided to stop by Horses Helping People, also known as HOPE, in Archer.

HOPE is a nonprofit horse therapy program that works with people such as veterans or those with disabilities.

Gilbert spent some time socializing with clients and volunteers. He even stuck around to clean out a few stables.

“I just try to put myself in the position of 'how can i help?' and let the people who are doing the most good just tell me 'we could really use help with this for today,’” Gilbert said. “I try to put a smile on and say okay let's do this together and benefit one another."

If you want to follow Gilbert through his 45 days of good deeds, make sure to follow his Facebook page, Remedium.

If you have a suggestion for Gilbert’s good deed for the day, he says to comment on one of his posts.

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