Gainesville officials want your help planning new parking system


    Anyone who knows Gainesville knows it can be a nightmare to park close to the University of Florida.

    “If you want to take a trip down to this area it’s a struggle unless you want to pay a lot for parking or even then you’re not able to find a spot a lot of times,” said Brendan Shortley.

    Officials say the parking system in the area was developed in the late 80s and obviously the city and the school have grown in that time.

    The City of Gainesville is asking for your help as they plan a new parking system for the area surrounding the north side of the university of Florida.

    “We have a lot of very old infrastructure,” said Bruce Delaney. “We have poor street lighting. Some of my involvement with the university was to create safe crossings for students.”

    Where there used to be single family homes is now saturated with students and apartment buildings.

    Some people proposed the city partner with parking garages.

    “The ones here are locally, privately owned and they are going to be taken up by people living in the apartments, so that’s not going to help very much,” Shortley said. “So we need partnerships with the city and county to build more.”

    Others want to see residential and business parking permits moved to different zones.

    “Perhaps make it available for the business permits because with more and more developers in the area, the parking is getting taken up on longer basis on the on street decal parking,” Delaney said. “And the employers are experiencing problems with their employees finding a parking place. ”

    “This is a long time overdue and we are so happy the it is getting together with us to get our input,” Shortley said

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