Gainesville park needs major improvements, city is asking for resident input

The NE 31st Avenue park in Gainesville is currently run down and in need of some changes. The city is asking for your input, whether it's better playground equipment or more facilities.

The park is bare, with nothing but some raggedy courts, minimal playground equipment and benches covered in rust.

"They don't have anything for the children to do and there's no shade in the area and its going to be a hot summer," Gainesville resident Chris Radford said.

The city sent out a survey for residents to fill out so they can make necessary improvements.

"We are taking into account what they want and what they think is needed in that particular park and in the community," City Official Chip Skinner said.

Perez Grimes is a father of 5 and lives right by the park.

"When we go there's not much to do other than play basketball or ride bikes on the court," Grimes said.

Grimes said he wants more lighting, grills, and places to sit.

With no pavilions, not a lot of seating, no bathrooms or water fountains the City allocated a budget of $300,000 from Wild Spaces Public Places, to make this park more enjoyable.

"It's important to get everyone's perspective because the kids want certain things and they aren't going to play over there if they don't have things to do... nobody really goes over there," Radford said.

The survey is available until June 4th, the city will have an open house at the park to discuss these improvements on June 16th.

The city said it plans to have all of the improvements completed by 2020 but hopes it will be sooner.

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