Gainesville participates in World's Largest Swim Event

Thousands of children and parents gather at pools around the world Thursday to set a record for world's largest swim lesson and the city of Gainesville is participating with three pools to help break the record.

It's the first day of summer, and kids are jumping in the water and attempting to break a Guinness world record.

"This is an international event I want to say there's about 50 or so countries participating a lot of municipality pools like this participate all in the same day," program coordinator Scott Chase said.

The goal is to have over 41,000 global participants. Last year, Gainesville contributed with 438 participants and they're hoping for more this year. Local Participating pools were the Mickle Pool, Northeast Pool, and the Westside Pool.

Kids were having a splash but as exciting as it can be to swim with friends, the message is really to promote water safety and to reduce the drowning rate among children.

"General rough housing is a big one... lots of groups of friends come in and get riled up," Chase said. "It's easy to not understand what you're doing when wrestling with friends in the pool being that you can't breath underwater," he said .

As the days are getting hotter, families are spending more time in the water.

The City of Gainesville want to remind parents to be on the look out for children when they are by the pool.

Local pools will be open for recreation and swim lessons all summer long.

City officials said they won't get the numbers back for a month or two to find out if they beat last year's record.

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