Gainesville Police Department's two fuzzy additions


The Gainesville Police Department is welcoming two new top dogs.

Ace and Ranger are wagging their tails now--but with the cost of over $8,000 each, they will begin their 480 hour police training.

These German Shepard and Belgian Malinois pups proudly wear their badge and will now learn everything from sniffing out drugs, to finding a missing person.

“The big thing that we use them for is tracking, finding suspects that fled from the scene of the crime, we use them for building searches, area searches, and just there as a deterrent,” says Sgt. Charles Owens, from the GPD K-9 Unit.

Residents in Gainesville donated the money to pay for these dogs, and were gifted a plaque as a thank you for not only helping the police department, but also giving these two officers – a new best friend.

“I mean they become part of the family the dog is with you 99% of the time, you go home, he’s with you, you go to work, he’s with you,” says Sgt. Owens. “That bond is very strong, and you can see that develop on the road and it makes a really good team.”

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