Gainesville Police officer delivers Christmas tree to home after wreck

Todd Travis took this photo Tuesday night after a Gainesville Police officer strapped a family's Christmas tree on his car to deliver it to their home after they were involved in a wreck.

A family's trip to pick a Christmas tree was interrupted by a crash this week, but a Gainesville police officer was determined not to let it ruin their Christmas.

A mom and her three children were injured in the wreck on Northwest 13th Street Tuesday night. After they were taken to the hospital with minor injuries, Officer Scott Bertzyk noticed the tree on their car. He took the tree off and strapped it on to his patrol car.

"And he didn't tell anyone," Officer Ben Tobias said. "He didn't tell the family and he didn't tell anyone of his supervisors or co-workers at GPD. We only found out when the family got home, saw the Christmas tree and saw a post that a tow truck driver had posted of a GPD vehicle transporting a Christmas tree and contacted us to let us know how much they appreciated what he did."

That tow truck driver was Todd Travis, who posted the picture with the the words, "That's how we roll in Gainesville."

Tobias said anytime the department has the opportunity to make someone's day they will do it.

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