Gainesville police officer fired for offensive Facebook posts


Gainesville Police have fired a school resource officer for posting social media posts deemed “offensive, insulting, and derogatory.”

An internal affairs investigation conducted by the Gainesville Police Department reveals Jason King made several derogatory posts on Facebook. The posts included referring to former President Barack Obama as a coon and puppet among other things, as well as offensive comments about gays and lesbians.

One post was from a video and described Obama as “Coon, Puppet, Sellout, Lying, Profitiering, murdering, slave trading, homosexual, pedophilic, horemongering, hamitic, demon possessed weak man...”

Another was three lynched white children with the caption: “Would black people be wrong if we starting doing this.

" Another photo posted showed a white female child with a black male child pushing her away with a caption that read: How to preserve melanin"

King told investigators he realized many posts were “taboo” but he was “creating an opportunity to have dialogue.”

"There is a perpetual suffering of blacks and Latinos and Native Americans. There is a perpetual suffering of whites. Without presenting right to the root of the problem to incite dialogue it will never be addressed," King said in the report. " And to me that's the biggest issue, to conjure people to get them to begin to look at it and talk about it. That's the first step to healing."

King also faced disciplinary action last year for his social media activity.

GPD Investigators said King’s posts made “offensive, insulting, and derogatory statements” that undermined trust among officers and within the community.

King is appealing his firing and has a hearing with Gainesville City Manager Anthony Lyons on June 25.

King is the second GPD officer to recently face discipline for social media posts.

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