Gainesville police stop stolen, $250K Ferrari California on I-75 in Florida

Photo courtesy of Gainesville Police.

Gainesville Police recovered a stolen, $250,000 Ferrari California on I-75 Thursday morning.

Police say the officer noticed the black Ferrari suspiciously driving along side a red Corvette on I-75 near the 375 mile marker. A report says the drivers were communicating back and forth and driving slow in the southbound lanes. Plus, the Ferrari still had the window sticker on it.

The officer used his license plate reader on both vehicles. The Corvette had a temporary Florida tag that was unreadable but the Ferrari came back as stolen, the report says. The officer pulled the Ferrari over. The report says the driver told the officer the car belonged to a friend but didn't know his friend's full name or phone number. He also refused to give the officer the name of the man driving the Corvette because he didn't want to incriminate himself, the report says. Officers say he also tried to erase his phone before they took it away.

Officers charged Hilburn Jay Brendon Hunkins, 26, of Kissimmee with grand larceny in the first degree. He's being held at the Alachua County Jail.

The report says the vehicle was reported stolen to the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office.

Gainesville Police posted the arrest, with a little sense of humor, on social media Thursday.

"If you ARE going to steal a $250,000 Ferrari...with the window sticker still on it...DON'T drive next to a Gainesville/Alachua County Drug Task Force vehicle with a License Plate Reader."

They also joked that they were only able to get 10 mpg when they drove it to the station.

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