Gainesville products to be used at Trump-Kim summit in Hanoi


    The world will be looking to Hanoi this week as president Trump meets with Kim Jong Un, but if you're really looking, you'll see a piece of Gainesville in the room.

    Dacasso, a small Gainesville business that designs leather office accessories, has been asked to accessorize the conference table for president Trump and Kim Jong Un at the summit this week.

    “I was scrolling through my phone, saw the email and was just shocked,” said Dacasso sales consultant Adam Stein. “I just wanted to share it with everybody.”

    “Everybody” entails 10 people working in the office and a handful of employees out in printing.

    “We provide a great product,” Stein said. “Whether it is New York City, Chicago or Gainesville Florida, we have something that we put out there that rivals some of the big manufacturers.”

    The summit asked for 25 pads in two different colors with their special logo on the upper edge.

    “This type of decoration usually takes about 5 days and I think we did their job in about 2 days once we got the artworks approved and out the door,” said Brad Gonzalez, Dacasso’s general manager.

    The summit is not the first big opportunity that has come knocking.

    “To see them go into the situation room of the White House and then some of the most prominent photos from that room, in our modern time have our pads in there protecting that table top it is just really exciting,” Gonzalez said.

    Most likely, your eyes have glazed over this local product in big productions—like Glee, House of Cards, Two and a Half Men and Evan Almighty.

    The office says their quality is what makes them stand out among the saturated office accessory market.

    “You see just a simple pad but every year we go through iterations and we’ve changed the product to get to this point and to make it as high end as it is,” Gonzalez said.

    All while also allowing their customers to make it their own with different colored leather, patterns and logos.

    “It’s such an amazing thing because we are such a small company that has such a big footprint,” Stein said.

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