Gainesville residents celebrate National Day of Prayer


On National Day of Prayer people from different walks of life and faiths came together in Gainesville to celebrate unity and communication.

“People sometimes aren’t in unity and this is just one small effort to try to bring people together to be in unity. I felt like it was something we had to do in our current political climate," Chaplain Larry Limbaugh said.

Through song and prayer, people uplifted each other and celebrated the importance of their faith.

Archer Mayor Corey Harris said the day gives people a chance to come together.

“It’s about looking beyond our differences and knowing we have more commonality than differences," Harris said. " So, with that we can unify around this day and it shouldn’t just be one single day and one single event. It should be a catalyst of events that unify us as a body.”

For others the day is important because it reminds them of how their faith and prayer has kept them going through hard times.

“I tell anyone no matter what you’re going through nothing is too big for God. He will handle all situations. Just believe and have faith," Brenda Scott said.

National Day of Prayer is celebrated across the country including at the White House where President Trump announced he would expand government grants and partnerships with faith based groups.

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