Gainesville Special needs community celebrates "A Night to Shine"

Gainesville Special needs community celebrates "A Night to Shine"

The music bursted through the speakers tonight as everyone came together for "A Night to Shine.

Event coordinator Kristen Thomas said they have been planning this event since June.

"A Night to Shine is hosted by the Tim Tebow Foundation and it is a prom for people with special needs," Thompson said.

This prom had everything you could ask for....from a very own beauty salon, to a photo booth and of course a dance floor.

Tim Tebow Foundation started this four years ago and ever since it has impacted so many people by dedicating a night for the special needs community.

"It's amazing to see the impact he's made from people around the world and we are having a great time on the dance floor," UF Head Football Coach Dan Mullen said.

The event cost well over $20,000 but most of the costs were covered by community sponsors.

Thompson said the community does a great job helping out because nights like this are really important.

"I feel comfortable saying this because I have a daughter with special needs- There's really two communities, there's everyone else and a special needs community, and there's not really a lot of cross over," she said.

But she said this prom is a start to bridge that gap.

Mullen said this night was made to be an unforgettable experience.

"Seeing them dressed up and having a special night that's what it's all about, just seeing the joy on peoples faces," Mullen said.

There were more than 500 "Night to Shine" events going on tonight across the U.S. , and a number of other countries.

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