Gas prices expected to continue rising

Gas prices

Nationwide gas prices are on the rise and in Florida prices rose nearly 10 cents in the last week.

The average price in Florida is now $2.82 per gallon -- the highest since November 2014.

AAA says gas prices are nearly 50 cents higher than this time last year.

It now cost the average driver $42 dollars for a full tank of gas, an increase of seven dollars from a year ago.

Drivers say the increase is hitting them where it hurts the most -- their wallets.

"Before I used to fill up for like $20 or $22 and now its almost $30, so its definitely going up."

Rising oil prices, a high demand for gas and US sanctions against Iran are all contributing to the rise in gas prices.

Throughout the summer prices are expected to increase hitting a peak of three dollars by the fourth of July.

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