Gators unveil new, alternate uniform to be worn against Texas A&M Saturday

Provided by the University of Florida.

The University of Florida today unveiled new, alternate uniforms today that resemble real gators.

The school says it's the first time in history the football team will wear something other than its traditional orange and blue look.

Nike Football designers created the look.

Here are the details of the uniform, provided by Nike and the university:

* Helmet: A swamp green - used for the first time - covers the helmet, which has a satin finish. The Gator Head logo appears on one side of the helmet, which is another first for Florida.

* Baselayer: Florida will wear a sublimated base-layer top in royal blue with a tonal gator print extending onto the sleeves.

* Jersey: Above that, the Gators will be in a swamp green jersey covered in a tonal gator print. Player numbers are orange trimmed in royal blue, while names appear in orange. A TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane, which is essentially a dense but smooth rubber) Gator logo patch sits at the center of the neck gusset.

* Gloves: Custom swamp green gloves showcase royal blue straps and accents and an orange Swoosh on the back of the hand, while a tonal Gator print and the Gator logo appear on the palm over orange.

* Pants: The pants are solid swamp green with a TPU Gator logo patch on the hip.

* Socks: Florida will have a swamp green Vapor Grip socks. Their strategically placed cushion (for added comfort and impact protection) has a texture that coincidentally mimics the armored skin of an alligator.

* Cleats: To complete the look, the players will wear special-edition cleats that span Nike's complete footwear offering for NCAA teams (including the latest Alpha Menace Elite and Force Savage Elite). The cleats are swamp green and covered in Gator print with chrome orange plates. The sockliners have sublimated Gator logos on them.

Sideline Apparel for Sale

* Swamp Green T-Shirt & Hat with Gatorhead Logo: Available for purchase will be a swamp green t-shirt and hat with a Florida's iconic Gatorhead logo centered on both items.

* Swamp Green Vapor Speed Turf Shoes with Gatorskin Print: The same shoes that coaches and staff will be wearing on the sideline will also be available. These turf shoes feature Gatorskin print just as the aforementioned cleats do.

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