Gainesville Police goes mobile: check out its new app


The Gainesville Police Department wants to connect with you through a new mobile app.

The new app was launched Tuesday with the hopes of making contact with the public easier by allowing multiple services to lay in one location.

This app features real-time traffic information and the ability to submit tips that go directly to investigators.

You can file reports for certain crimes and find information about crime within the city.

The app also uses the phone’s built-in GPS to show sexual offenders and predators in the area.

“The quickest way to get information to people in an emergency situation is to push that information to their mobile device,” said Officer Ben Tobias of the Gainesville police department. “And that’s half of what this app will do. It has push notifications enabled for traffic situations and for those true critical situations where we need to get information out as soon as possible. ”

The push alerts are available on an opt-in basis.

To download the free app, search “Gainesville Police” in the Apple App Store or Google Play.

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