GPD's annual "Shop with a Cop" event has another successful year

shop cop.png

It’s that time of the year again, where the Gainesville Police Department does their annual “Shop With a Cop” event.

As Walmart employees and police officers stood outside, they greeted each child with a personalized Santa hat.

These 33 kids were all nominated by their school officers throughout Gainesville, either for financial need or merit, where they were given a $100 gift card from Walmart to kick start the holiday season.

As officers helped sort through Barbie dolls, they realized it was not easy feat.

“Thank God there was a Walmart employee who helped us pick out clothes because I was not good in the women’s section,” says Ofc. Dan Abott.

But bringing out their inner child with light saber fight in the toy isle was second nature.

“We had a battle in the store and knocked down some things, but we had fun, a lot of fun,” says Ofc. La’Jarvis Cook.

The children said they were lucky to have this opportunity, but it was the cops who said they were the lucky ones.

“Miss. Kendall is definitely in the Christmas spirit and that’s the best part of it, it now feels like Christmas for me,” says Ofc. Shawn Barnes.

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