GRU increases electric rates-- and say this new money will help employees and consumers


City commissioners approved a 2 percent increase on Thursday.

GRU says this increase is still around $20 lower than what it was back in 2015.

“This is the first increase in rates in the past three years,” says Edward Bielarski, general manager of GRU.

Bielarski says the average consumer uses around 1000 kilowatt hours—which is about $121 a month, and he says in 2015, it the price was at $141 a month.

“The 2% increase is about 1.87 cents,” says Bielarski.

He says the money will go to funding and retaining employees, updating computer systems for better customer service and to also start incorporating the latest meter-reading technology in peoples homes.

“It’s there to sustain what we believe is some of the best services in the state of Florida,” says Bielarski.

The electric rate increase will start in October.

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