GRU asking Gainesville commissioners for rate increase


GRU has proposed an increase in customer rates to the Gainesville City Commission.

The proposed budget calls for a 3 percent increase in electric rates and a 2 percent increase in waste water rates.

According to General Manager of GRU Ed Bierlirkski that would be the equivalent of a two dollar increase for customers on electric and a one dollar increase for customers on waste water charges per month.

GRU says the rise in rates is mainly due to customer enhancements that they want to make over the years as well as raises for employees.

Customer enhancements include having smart meters throughout the community and overall better customer experience.

“It’s been shown across the country that that enhanced customer experience, that choice, is better for the utility, is better for the customer. And we are ready to go on it," Bierlirski said.

GRU says that without this increase, rates could go up even more in the future.

GRU will be holding a meeting Thursday night with the city commission to discuss at further length whether the rates are approved.

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