Habitat for Humanity Participates in #GivingTuesday

Habitat for Humanity

Otis Mazon has been volunteering with Habitat for Humanity for three years. He's been building homes for others, even though he doesn't have one himself. Mazon says, "I was first taking care of my Aunt. And I was living in her home. when I first did my application, they were saying that there were not enough rooms for me and the girls. Cause it was just a two bedroom home because it was just the two girls, me and my wife, and that's not enough room."

So Habitat for Humanity wanted to help Otis get a home for his family. Mazon never expected something like this to happen to him. "We were just volunteering, helping someone else. And now here it is, someone is helping me get a home. It's an exciting feeling and I'm very grateful."

This is the 130th house Habitat for Humanity has built locally. Alachua Habitat for Humanity Director Scott Winzeler says the goal of housing families is to help the children. "When you put children into a home that their parents own, you increase their likelihood of success in school. For example, children of people who own their own homes, are 27 percent more likely to graduate high school, and 110 more likely to attend and graduate college, and they're 59 percent more likely to own a home of their own when they graduate."

Mazon and his family are excited to call this new place they're own. "For me to be able to get a key, and open that door, and say that's my place, where I go. I'm grateful, I have no words."

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