Hawthorne Seniors graduate tomorrow knowing they could be the last

Hawthorne Middle/HS seniors graduate tomorrow knowing they could be the last graduating class to get their diplomas from the school.

Senior Cheyanne Bills reflects on her years at the school, she said it's a bitter sweet feeling. "I've been working for this for so long now," Bills said.

In this past year, working hard is something Hawthorne is no stranger too.

With the possibility of closing the school students, faculty and the community have pushed to keep its doors open and raise the grade.

"Many of them have other siblings that go here as well so there is a little bit of an emotional tie to them as well to make sure they graduate as well," Hawthorne Mayor Matt Surrency said.

Next week the school will learn its fate. If they don't get the grade up to a c or better, the class of 2018 will be the last.

"I don't want to see cheerleading, football or all the other sports go... don't want to see people lose that," Bills said.

She said the community rallies around the school and these sporting events have been a part of Hawthorne.

Mayor Surrency says he, his father and grandfather graduated from Hawthorne and is optimistic his children will be able to continue the legacy.

"I'm hopeful that this class is not remembered as the last class but the first class that turned things around in Hawthrone," Surrency said.

This school may be a memory for some, but if it stays open.. it will be a future for others.

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