Heavy rain may be affecting voter turnout in Alachua County

Election day in Alachua

Tuesday is election day for three cities in Alachua County. Voters in Alachua, Archer and Newberry will go to the polls to elect candidates to their city commissions.

Alachua County officials say heavy rain may have stopped some people from voting today, but others in Alachua still showed up to exercise their civic duty.

" Oh its our duty. Its our patriotic duty to come out and vote especially in an election that means so much to our city. "

As a pastor and leader in the community, Adrian Weeks says its important for him to set an example for others by going out to vote.

"It's extremely important. Its a voice within our community," Weeks said. "We have city hall that's ready to partner with the faith based community and do some great things within Alachua, so we want to make sure that our congregation and members of the community understand the importance of coming out and voting even on a rainy day like this."

Polls are open until 7 p.m.

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