Hoggetowne Medieval Faire rolling into Gainesville this weekend


With shows, armor and turkey legs, the Hoggetowne Medieval Faire is in town.

“We transform our fairgrounds into our medieval village,” says Sunshine Andrei, the event coordinator.

With over 160 booths with crafts, rides, and food, the event has had a cult following for 32 years.

A fan favorite? A real live joust.

“A real contact joust so knights in full armor charging at each other on top of war horses, it’s crazy,” says Andrei.

This is also a place were small business owners like Suzanne Mayer have a stage to display her handmade leather clothes.

“I like to make pieces that are versatile that I can switch out for different events we do everything from renaissance to pirate to Comic-Con’s so a lot of the designs are made to fit in each character,” says Mayer, owner of “The Leather Lair.”

There is also a comedy acrobatics group called “Barely Balanced,” where three best friends travel around the country to do death defying stunts.

“We get to mess with the audience, we get to climb and crack jokes--and be absurd as we like to be,” says acrobat Margret Ebert.

This trio has been coming to the Hoggetowne festival for over 11 years.

“We have a really good fan support system here which is one of the reasons why we love coming back,” says acrobat James Freer.

And it’s fun for the whole family.

“Every corner there is some music happening something to watch see and do,” says Anfrei.

The event will in the Alachua County Fairgrounds on Saturday 1/27 and Sunday 1/28 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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