These fluffy therapy dogs make life a little less ruff for patients at UF Health


    Staying in the hospital can be mentally and physically exhausting, but these four-legged fur balls go around UF Health to make patients stay’s a little less ruff.

    “I really enjoyed it, I think it’s a good thing especially when you are in the hospital you get bored, you get really bored. It makes you happy it really does," said UF Health patient, Sarah Wright.

    Wright said, “The whole time he was here I didn’t even think about my pain.”

    Spending time with Beau, the golden doodle, helps patients like Wright stay in good spirits.

    “I've gone into a room and someone has taken a look at Beau and just burst into tears they are just so happy to see us," said Beau's handler, Terry Biehl.

    Biehl has brought Beau to UF Health as a therapy dog for three years now.

    “I've been surprised on how much it has changed me and how rewarding it has been for me," Biehl said.

    For Wright it’s like being back home with her dog Sadie, “it just gets to where you get anxious and depressed and it was nice, i think any dog makes you happy.”

    One of UF Health’s therapy dog coordinator’s, Sydney Fuller, said they are always looking for more furry volunteers.

    “honestly we will take all of the dogs we can possibly have, one of our ultimate goals we have for this program is to have a dog every hour every day.”

    The dogs aren’t just making an impact on patients. Jennifer Melara a nurse at UF Health said it helps her when she is under stress.

    “just to have a few minutes to pet the dog and rub them it just takes your mind out of the stressful world that can be nursing.”

    If you would like to hear more about how your pet could become a therapy dog send an email to

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