Hushpuppy Courier service hopes to keep up with competition with old fashioned leg work


There are now several ways to get your groceries, dinner or even alcohol delivered to you by car in Gainesville, but one delivery company is sticking with bikes.

Hushpuppy Courier service started as a group of friends, bike riders, who decided Gainesville could benefit from a courier service.

"Me and a couple of friends thought, 'Why not Gainesville?" said Hushpuppy Courier Owner Zach Sorensen. "What we can offer is often times more affordable and more simpler and just more hyper local delivery service."

The company hopes to separate itself by delivering everyday items. If it's under 60 pounds and fits on the bike or in a backpack, they will bring your items to you.

“In this town you can pretty much get around anywhere faster by bike," said Steven Longmire, personal errand manager.

Sorensen agreed. “Especially as traffic gets worse and there’s a lot of development happening, we’re going to see the bike definitely be a more quick form of transportation downtown and around campus.”

Longmire said they're particularly business friendly.

"We can tailor ourselves to that business," he said. "We can make adjustments here and there. Not every business we deal with gets the same type of strategy, whatever works for them works for us.”

Several in the company are UF grads. They pride themselves on knowing and engaging in the Gainesville community.

"I'm the owner of the company, I’m also the person delivering your stuff," Sorensen said.

They believe direct contact with customers knits the community closer together.

"It’s like you get to be local with your community, hands on, and I've always had a very community mindset," Sorensen said. "And I think having a tight-knight community is one of the best things you can do.”

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