Ice cream truck collects food pantry donations throughout its commute


The Chillville Ice Cream Truck staff knows the streets of Gainesville better than anyone.

Day in and day out, the truck drives through neighborhoods and apartment complexes.

Around this time of year, they notice more than just hungry customers lining the streets.

“In Gainesville we experience a lot of food waste around student move out time,” said Terrence Sorel from the Chillville Ice Cream Truck. “A lot of people will clean out their apartments and not necessarily take everything with them.”

Trash cans and dumpsters full of food line their daily commute.

Chillville came to the point where they felt it was their civic duty to take this food and feed others in need.

“We felt like it was an awful shame that we couldn’t save that food for people in need,” Sorel said. “So we decided to feed hungry people by encouraging college students to give us their canned goods in exchange for an ice cream discount.”

Chillville took their cause to Facebook, where users can give the truck their address and a pick up time, and the truck will make that stop a part of its commute for the day.

“If it makes it easier for people to call us, we’ll bring the truck by and collect their donations then that’s what we want to do,” Sorel said.

Crates have also been dropped off at apartment complexes and some public buildings around town.

The truck accepts nonperishables and bread…all vegan food will go to Gainesville’s ‘Food Not Bombs,’ and the remaining to ‘Bread of The Mighty Food Bank.’

“There’s a lot of usable food that winds up in landfills,” Sorel said. “So if we can raise awareness about that around college students, we will really feel like we affected some positive change.”

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