Iconic Gainesville motel sign now gone from SW 13th Street

Florida Motel.JPG

With it’s neon lights, and a nostalgic style, the Florida Motel sign on southwest 13th street has been a staple in Gainesville for decades.

“Everybody who has been to Gainesville, their face lights up because they say, ‘I know exactly what you’re talking about,’” says Wendy Thomas, Gainesville Director of the Department of Doing.

But now, time has taken its toll, and the sign has been dismantled to make room for a Comfort Inn.

“Out with the old and in with the new,” says Gainesville resident, Quentin Jackson.

Don’t worry, this sign is not going away for good.

“What we’re hoping to do is to restore the sign and be able to incorporate it in to an area that’s accessible to the public,” says Thomas.

The sign is about 15 ft. tall and weighs over 2,500 lbs.

This project took several hours to complete, and it was all done for free.

“Signs like this they are far and few in between,” says Danny Powell, Owner of SignStar. “It’s hard to find them so when you see signs like this I feel like there’s a need to help reserve them and save them.”

For now, the sign will be in a storage unit, where it will await its future fate; to one day be on display, showing others just how vibrant the City of Gainesville was, all those years ago.

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