Local pastor speaks out on church safety


“It puts us in a position where now we have to think of things that we never have thought of before,” says Rev. Larry Green, lead pastor of Westminster Presbyterian Church in Gainesville.

After the mass shooting in First Baptist Church in Texas, local Gainesville pastors are rethinking their churches safety.

“Do we do live shooter trainings, do we have security guards? How do we address concealed carry issues,” says Rev. Green.

When 25 people were killed during Sunday’s sermon, it has left church members here in Gainesville worried about protection.

“We are seeing it more and more often, so of course members are asking questions,” says Rev. Green.

Rev. Green says although he wouldn’t change any current security measures at his church—pastors do have many resources to up their security.

“Law enforcement is always available to meet with you to do some suggestions, there are security companies that are willing to come and do trainings as well,” says Rev. Green. “So I think all churches are in a position to talk about this now.”

Rev. Green explained that pastors should not keep events like this quiet, but have open communication with their church members.

“Not only do we discuss safety as a church, but our safety is also linked with what’s going on outside of the walls,” says Rev. Green

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