Stolen lottery ticket, shotgun, and man in a dress lead Levy County deputies to suspect


Levy County Sheriff's deputies have arrested a Williston man accused of taking his winning, $1,000 lottery ticket at gunpoint last month.

Deputies say 27-year-old Willie Sherman also paid another friend $50 to dress up as a woman to cash the lottery ticket. He's charged with burglary, robbery and grand theft.

Deputies say the lottery winner told Sherman about winning $1,000 on a scratch-off ticket while purchasing spirits at a local store. After the victim went to bed for the night, deputies say Sherman woke him up by pointing the victim's own shotgun in his face.

Sherman had stolen the gun, the victim's car keys and the lottery ticket while he was sleeping, deputies say. They say he also took the victim's prized knife.

"But wait, the weird story doesn't end here," the Levy County Sheriff's Office wrote in a release Wednesday. "Sherman was in a quandary. How do you "cash in" a stolen winning lottery ticket and not get caught? You find a friend and offer to pay him $50. And, to really throw the cops off their game, have the friend wear women's clothing when cashing it."

Deputies say they found video of the friend cashing the ticket and, while the dress did slow them down slightly, they were able to identify the man in drag. They say he cooperated with deputies and is not being charged at this time.

Deputies say they found the gun and knife inside Sherman's home, beneath his mattress.

He's being held at the Levy County Detention Center on $200,000 bond.

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