Friend of employee stabbed at Grace Marketplace: 'He gives us respect'


    “Mike is like my brother, from a different mother,“ says Carlos King, Grace Marketplace resident.

    Grace Marketplace residents like King say employee Michael Anthony is not only like a brother, but understands the needs within the homeless community.

    “He gives us respect, he doesn’t spit on us like the rest of society does,” says King.

    Officials say Anthony was working the night shift at Grace Monday, when 37-year-old Antwaun Lee approached him, and accused Anthony of stealing his belongings.

    “He became aggravated and ultimately attacked our staff member,” says Jon DeCarrmine, Director of Grace Marketplace.

    The report says he stabbed Anthony two times, once in the torso and once on his left elbow.

    When Gainesville police arrived, Lee, according to the report, told officers, “He stole something from me—so I stabbed him.”

    Anthony told police he was just moving some of Lee's belongings.

    Lee was arrested and charged with attempted murder, he is now in the Alachua County Jail with a bond set to $150,000.

    Antwaun Lee is charged with attempted murder. /Alachua County Jail.

    Officials say something happening to this extent at Grace Marketplace is rare.

    “It was a terrible incident,” says DeCarmine. “It was the first time this had happened in five years of operating the program, it was one person of the 12,000 people we have served so far."

    Anthony is expected to make a full recovery, making King excited to have his friend back.

    “He is the best thing since fried chicken,” says King.

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