Man, woman arrested after driver stabbed inside car in Gainesville

    Photos: Alachua County Jail.

    Gainesville Police have arrested a man and woman after a man was stabbed inside his car early Wednesday morning.

    Investigators charged 30-year-old Jaron McCray and 25-year-old Ieshia Rubin with attempted first-degree murder and destroying evidence.

    An arrest report released Thursday says he was driving through a neighborhood when a woman with green hair with whom he had socialized before, later identified as Rubin, asked if she could ride with him. Here's what happened next, according to the report.

    The man agreed to take her for a ride. Before she got inside the car she turned to a man, later identified as McCray, who came out of the house she was standing in front of. The victim and Rubin left and drove around.

    After a couple of hours Rubin, who had been texting with someone in the car, asked the victim if they could take McCray to work. They drove back to the house and picked up McCray, who sat in the backseat while Rubin sat in the front passenger seat.

    McCray asked the victim if he could smoke marijuana in the car. At that point and without warning, the report says, McCray started stabbing the victim in the back and neck while Rubin punched the victim.

    The victim was able to escape and eventually drove to the hospital around 4:30 a.m. Police say they went to the house and found both Rubin and McCray. The report says Rubin denied the story but later confirmed it and said they were trying to wash the blood from their clothes.

    The report says McCray also denied the story at first but later admitted to stabbing the victim to protect Rubin, and admitted to washing their clothes.

    They are both being held at the Alachua County Jail on $850,000 bond.

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