Mayor Lauren Poe focuses on housing, Zero Waste in state of city address

    State Of The City Address

    Today Mayor Lauren Poe and other city officials spoke at the State Of The City Address.

    Some of the many topics they focused on were zero waste, affordable housing and disparity gaps.

    “It’s always an exciting event to host the city address it gives us time to reflect on the work we have been doing and the work that is ahead of us,” said Mayor Lauren Poe.

    Interim City Manager Deborah Bowie stressed the city's commitment to make a zero waste community.

    “The recent adoption by the city commission to do away with single use plastic bags and foam containers means we’re are making a concerted effort to be really good stewards of the future environment,” Bowie said.

    Poe says they plan on continuing to use the tools they have in place to decrease disparity gaps.

    “If we are able to reduce some of the economic disparities and some of the racial disparities in our community through many of the different efforts that we have been using would be a big success for us as a city,” Poe said.

    Commissioner Adrian Hayes-Santos says the city and county need to continue to cooperate on GRACE marketplace.

    “It wouldn’t be good for our city if the county dropped that funding but we need to make sure we are providing the services for those who are in the greatest needs,” Santos said.

    Overall officials say the city has come a long way and they're not done moving forward.

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