Urban Gainesville serving as a muralist's blank canvas


Some people may see a normal parking garage where muralists see a blank canvas.

Local artists started painting the garage on SW 1st Street in downtown Gainesville. Organizers say the whole garage will be painted by the summer.

“Adding art and color to these very blank and urban walls is always a positive thing,” said Daas, a local muralist. “It always lifts up the mind.”

Local artists of all ages, skill levels and styles have the perfect opportunity to show just what they are made of.

“It’s a local facility, why not invite local artists in to do this,” said Trish Everitt, Gainesville parking facilities supervisor. “It was a perfect opportunity.”

“Those are the people that live and breathe Gainesville, they park here everyday,” said Guido Montenegero, the leader of Urban Revitalization Project.

Whether the murals are big or small, they all uniquely fill this blank spaceshowing Gainesville’s diversity and true colors.

“Whether you like it or not, anyone is going to find something on these walls that they can appreciate,” Daas said.

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