Neighbor's chase after violent carjackers, leads to arrest

A woman is carjacked and hospitalized after a brutal attack at her apartment complex. Multiple witnesses say the victim was viciously assaulted and thrown to the ground after walking from her mailbox. However, one of the witnesses took a big risk and was able to help officers find the suspects that attacked the victim.

Around 7 P.M. Tuesday evening, 55-year-old Diane Cristin routinely, parked her car and walked to the complex mailbox nearby. Two men approached her asking for the time and to borrow a phone charger. She declined and turned her back.

Witness, Daniel Smith says he and his roommates heard a really loud scream and at first thought it was the television. Then he heard it again and "it was was one of those moments you're's not the TV." They then looked outside and saw a woman laying on the ground yelling for help, while two gentleman began to run across the street.

Police say 24-year-old James Nelson and 34-year-old Antonio Roberts stole the victims car keys and drove away from the complex. One of the witnesses-Daniel- felt with his driving experience he could locate the suspects. He hopped in his car and were able to follow the two all the way to a home on NW 23rd Terrace. He then drove back to the complex to notify officers of their location, where police found them hiding in a bedroom at that exact address.

Also Tuesday morning, a neighbor that was parked right in front of where the incident occurred, found his car broken into. With wires hanging from under the steering-wheel as if someone was attempting to hot-wire the vehicle. The owner said he found keys, a lighter and other small items left behind. Witnesses said they are unsure if it is related to the carjacking.

Diane Cristin was hospitalized for at least a day and is undergoing surgery for some of her injuries. Both suspects are in jail with bond set at $350,000.

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